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Where to eat well in Katowice?

11 czerwca 2014

A subjective giude – checked good places:

Cheap, wegetarian, great

Złoty Osioł

The address is Mariacka, but in my opinion it is better to say it is at Andrzeja Mielęckiego street.
Firstly – ask where the old train station in Katowice is (a huge antique building – Dworcowa street). When you pass the street in the direction of Mariacka, you will see a passage under a railway track on the right. On the corner – there it is.
If you have difficulties to find it, ask young people. Most of the students in Katowice were there at least once.

Great, really great vegetarian food. One dish (for example: a vegetarian lasagne and a plate of differend salads + a drink) costs about 17 PLN, that is about 4 euro.


Photo: Złoty Osioł facebook profile.

Dobra Karma

Świętego Jacka Street. Quite close to the market square – about 1 km). Not so easy to find it for the first time. But right now I am telling you how. First, find the Music Academy in Katowice (Wojewódzka street). If you have the building on your right, you see the crossroads in front of you. Pass the street. You have Centrum Doskonalenia Zawodowego on your left, and straight around it on the left Świętego Jacka Street. can you see a green round sign „Dobra Karma”? It is there.

Wegetarian food of all kinds – pasta, pizza, sandwiches and so on.

Reasonable prices, great quality

Szynk Old Fashioned

Juliusza Ligonia 16 street. Nearby the cathedral, vis-a-vis the Simply supermarket entrance.
If you want to taste a REAL taste of Silesia, of Silesian food prepared by Silesians, go there and nowhere else. A great dinner for about 3-4 euro.

Jazz Club Hipnoza

The address: Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2. You can ask just for „Plac Sejmu śląskiego”, and everyone will tell you (the Faculty of Philology of the University of Silesia, the Marshall office nad the Voivodeship Office is also there). You will see a white building of Centrum Kultury Katowice im. Krystyny Bochenek. Door ans staircase on the right (facing the main entrance). Go up the stairs and you are there.

Dark, stylish interior, loved by everyone who was there at least once.

Great food for about 10 euro (and more) a plate, but many dishes can be divided among 2-3 people. You will not be disappointed!


Dyrekcyjna 1 street. Nearby (30 m) the Monopol Hotel. Great Russian style cousine, Interior suitable for a date, but also for a meeting with old good friend, as well as for a company meeting.

Prices – not so low, but the food is worth the prices.

My favourite dish is: champignons with a secret filling plus baked potatoes (one of the cheapest, about 5 euro). Absolutelly unforgettable.


Deka Smak

Stawowa 10 street. If you are in hurry, a good alternative to McDonalds, situated at the same street, about 50 m further. You choose your food, put it on weight and pay. A good selection of fish, meat, potatoes, rice, salads and so on…



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3 Komentarze
  1. Kryształowa!! 🙂

  2. i can truly recommend Złoty Osioł! Great place!


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